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Desktop Calendars A5 horizontal format

Desktop Calendars are useful in every office and home, while being very good form of advertising at the same time. A calendar is always in sight and reminds your customers about your business throughout the year. Depending on the artwork design, the calendar can be use in various ways. It can present your offer, photographs of people who are particularly close to the industry or refer to the aesthetics of the interior design.

These calendars are produce from the same quality materials - cards printed on 170-gsm paper with dispersion varnish protection and back by a stiff cardboard. The cards are connected to the backing by a metal spiral-type wire.

All 13 cards are single sided and printed in CMYK colours. We provide a choice of three spiral colours - white, silver, and black.

Size: A5 horizontal (210 mm x 148 mm)
Artwork size: 212 mm x 150 mm (incl. 1 mm bleed)
No. of sheets 13 cards
Printing type: CMYK 4/0 (single sided) (the card stand will not be printed)
Cards paper weight 170gsm
Finishing: Silk (matt + dispersion varnish)
Turnaround Standard: up to 9 working days
Show prices:
Quantity Standard
50 qty. €318.57
100 qty. €367.77
150 qty. €415.74
200 qty. €464.94
250 qty. €514.14
300 qty. €579.33
350 qty. €628.53
400 qty. €676.50
450 qty. €725.70
500 qty. €774.90
600 qty. €916.35
700 qty. €1,014.75
800 qty. €1,111.92
900 qty. €1,226.31
1000 qty. €1,324.71
1100 qty. €1,523.97
1200 qty. €1,621.14
1300 qty. €1,719.54
1400 qty. €1,833.93
1500 qty. €1,931.10
1600 qty. €2,028.27
1700 qty. €2,143.89
1800 qty. €2,241.06
1900 qty. €2,355.45
2000 qty. €2,453.85

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